Tantek4d Charity Fundraiser

Tantek 4D Runamuck Challenge in aid of NW Hospice & CHF Charities

This March, the Tantek 4D team are coming together to take part in the RunAMuck Challenge to raise funds for two incredible charities that are very close to our hearts.

We will be participating in the cross-country running challenge consisting of up to 50 obstacles across a 5.5km course in aid of our two chosen charities:
North West Hospice and The Children’s Health Foundation.

Both of these organisations do incredible work within our communities and beyond. They need as much help as possible to ensure that they can continue to help the many people that avail of their services.

We would really appreciate if you could support us to raise much needed funds for two great charities in any way you can, there is no such thing as too little.
You can do so by visiting our Go Fund Me page.

Thank you in advance for your support,  from all the team at Tantek4D.