Digital Tender Submission Aviation

Digital Tender Submissions – Aviation

 Digital Tender Submission – Aviation

Tantek4Ds VDC department was awarded a contract to produce a Digital Tender to assist one of our many clients to present a complex aviation project for their tender submission Interview.

One critical part of this tender package for our client was to showcase how the proposed construction methodology would impact the current Airport construction and logistical plan.

Digitally, our client was able to highlight how the proposed construction methodology would impact the airport logistics during the construction phase, for example:

  • Temporary Aircraft Taxiways layouts
  • Temporary Taxiway closures
  • Showcase the design intent of permanent works

The Digital Tender Submission also involved the combination of our client’s company’s values, expertise, and experience into a digital presentation. Unlike traditional tendering processes, there are many advantages/benefits by using Digital Tenders, for example:

  • Improves the overall quality of the tender submission
  • Enhances the communication between all stakeholders
  • Displays certainty in the proposed construction methodology
  • Improves the visualisation of the proposed methodology
  • Improves the competitiveness at tender interview stage
  • Portrays the importance of the project to all stakeholders.

Digital Tendering allows all stakeholders a much better understanding of the whole construction methodology & portrays the importance and dedication shown by our client.