Asset Reality Capture

Asset Reality Capture – Creating a Building Digital Twin

Your Building Digital Twin

Accurate facility or building data is essential for new construction projects, repair work, and general upgrades. The teams working on your buildings, from the architects and engineers to builders and tradespeople, need accurate measurements, location data, structural information, information on utilities, and more. Asset Reality Capture creates a building digital twin, giving you and your project teams the information you need.

From the day construction work started, your facility has been in a constant state of change. The initial building work will inevitably have deviated from the final drawings because of the realities of construction. Even if you have as-built data and drawings, they will have become increasingly out-of-date as your facility has changed over time.

Our Asset Reality Capture solution for your building involves 3D laser scanning your entire facility, including underground and closed-off areas, to create a highly precise, annotated, and interactive 3D digital representation, i.e., a building digital twin.

Transforming Construction Projects and Facilities Management

With our Asset Reality Capture solution, your teams can use the building digital twin that we create to take measurements without having to go on-site. They can also locate services and utilities, understand the building’s components and features, and identify risks and challenges, including those that are not visible to the naked eye.

The digital representation of your facility that we can create with our Asset Reality Capture solution is securely stored in the cloud, so it can be accessed on any device without the need for specialist software. It is also highly interactive and easy to use, with a minimal learning curve. Within a short space of time, your teams will be able to get the measurements, data, and visual information they need.

Asset Reality Capture - Building Digital Twin

Benefits of Creating a Building Digital Twin

Data Access

Your teams will have immediate access to highly accurate as-is facility data.

No Surprises

The reworking of designs will be eliminated as your teams will have accurate information with no surprises.

Eliminate Double Work

Double work will also be eliminated. For example, double work where different project teams commission surveys of the same section of the building because one doesn’t know the other exists. The digital representation of your facility created by our Asset Reality Capture solution will become the master digital twin for your building that all project teams can work from.

Improved Collaboration

Collaboration between project teams and business units will improve when everyone has access to the same complete and accurate building digital twin.

Fewer Errors

Projects will run more smoothly as there will be fewer errors in design or hiccups on-site.

Enhanced Health & Safety

Health and safety will improve as workers on-site will have accurate information.

Improved Decision-Making

Decision-making will improve and become more data driven.

Reduced Compliance Risks

Compliance risks will be reduced as you will have more confidence the facility meets regulatory requirements. It will also be easier to prove compliance.

More Accurate Cost Estimates

Project cost estimates will become more accurate as contractors can quote from accurate facility data.

Reduced Costs

Overall costs will be lower because of all the points above, making your CapEx and OpEx budgets go further.

Real-Time Data

If required, the digital twin of your facility can be updated, including in real-time, to ensure ongoing access to accurate as-is facility data.

Asset Reality Capture Return on Investment

The cost savings that come from having accurate as-is facility data are substantial and repeatable, leading to a significant return on investment for your Asset Reality Capture project. To learn more and to arrange a consultation, please get in touch with a member of the Tantek 4D team today.

Building Digital Twin Return on Investment

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