Tantek 4D Launches Asset Reality Capture

Tantek 4D Launches Asset Reality Capture

Tantek 4D has launched Asset Reality Capture as part of our suite of Digital Twin solutions.

Asset Reality Capture involves using the latest 3D scanning technologies alongside our extensive expertise to scan your entire facility, including closed-off and underground areas. The output from this scanning process is a highly precise, annotated, and interactive 3D digital representation of your building and wider facility.

This 3D digital representation is also known as a Digital Twin. You, members of your team, and third-party contractors/professionals can use this data with full confidence in its accuracy. Measurements can be taken remotely, utilities identified, precise locations marked, structural information assessed, and much more.

Delivering Tangible Benefits from Day One

Dr. Paul Tansey, CTO and Co-Founder of Tantek 4D, said: “The concept of digital twin technologies is immense. Our aim is to simplify the process by breaking it up into different phases. For the vast majority of facilities managers, building engineers, construction managers, and professionals in similar roles, the first phase of the process is Asset Reality Capture.

“There is a lot more that digital twin technologies can deliver, but Asset Reality Capture is the fundamental starting point.

“Our next aim is to deliver real-world, tangible, and significant benefits with our Asset Reality Capture solution – benefits you will see from day one.

“We are passionate about this point at Tantek 4D because we know construction and facility improvement projects cost more than they need to, with a lot of those additional costs down to project teams working with inaccurate data. The amount of rework and double work that goes on is also far in excess of where it should and could be, plus there are productivity, collaboration, and safety gains that digital twins can also deliver.

“So, the key messages that we want to get across with the launch of our Asset Reality Capture solution is that it is focused on a very specific and needed task – creating a 3D digital representation of your facility – and that you will benefit from day one financially and operationally from having this 3D digital representation.”

Investing In Your Facility

Conor Tansey, CEO and Co-Founder of Tantek 4D, said Asset Reality Capture is an investment in your facility that will deliver returns today and into the future.

“Everyone involved in managing buildings, facilities, infrastructure, construction, and related projects knows that data is essential. The problem is that data is not always available and when it is, accuracy levels are typically poor.

“The 3D digital representation of your facility that our Asset Reality Capture solution creates is really interesting. But this is so much more than interesting tech.

“Instead of sending someone to site to take a series of measurements, you can get the measurements remotely using the digital twin created by our Asset Reality Capture solution.

“You can also get accurate reliable data from your digital twin on the location of utilities, instead of working with inaccurate information that you only discover is wrong when a digger breaks an underground cable or pipe.

“And instead of finding out too late that a structural support has been installed in the wrong location compared to the original construction drawings, you’ll have that information at the outset of your project with the as-is data that is available in the digital twin.

“These are just some of the things you can do with our Asset Reality Capture solution. There isn’t a large building, industrial complex, or manufacturing plant in the country that wouldn’t benefit from the digital twin output created by our Asset Reality Capture solution, so we’re excited to announce its launch.”

Learn More

To find out more about our Asset Reality Capture solution, the process involved, and how you can use a digital twin to improve projects and the management of your facility, please contact us at Tantek 4D today.