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We’re partnered with some of the best in the business. 

Tantek 4d has partnered with FARO Technologies to bring the most innovative and cutting-edge 3D solutions available to the AEC market.

FARO is the global leader in 3D measurement, offering a wide range of high-quality products that bridge the digital and physical worlds. At Tantek4D, we focus heavily on quality assurance for our clients, providing them with confidence that their quality requirements will be fulfilled. FARO products align perfectly with Tantek values as we use them for our digital projects and experience the high quality of their products.

Find out more about what FARO products we have on offer.

Tantek 4D have partnered with Bentley & Virtuosity to bring you the best infrastructure engineering software available to the AEC market.

Bentley systems, such as Synchro, serves the building, plant, civil, and geospatial markets in the areas of AEC and operation. SYNCHRO is the leading heavy civil construction management platform for managing heavy civil design data through to construction handover.

Find out more about which Bentley SYNCHRO products we offer and how they can benefit you and your business.