3D Laser Scanning


Cork, Ireland

Tantek 4D collaborated with a pharmaceutical client on a pivotal Scan to BIM project for a renovation endeavor in Cork, Ireland.

Our expertise in laser scanning and BIM technology played a crucial role in ensuring the success of this high-stakes project within the highly regulated pharmaceutical industry.

Specific Services by Tantek 4D:

  • Station Control Network Establishment: We established a precise station control network on the project site, serving as the cornerstone for accurate data collection and ensuring that subsequent surveying activities were conducted with meticulous precision.
  • Scan to BIM: Tantek 4D employed cutting-edge 3D laser scanning technology to capture highly detailed data of the existing structure. This data formed the foundation for the Scan to BIM process, facilitating the creation of an accurate 3D Model of the facility.
  • BIM Support: Tantek 4D provided ongoing BIM support throughout the project. This encompassed data management, clash detection, and co-ordination, ensuring seamless integration of the renovation plans into the existing facility.


Our collaboration with the pharmaceutical client in Cork exemplified the critical role of Scan to BIM in ensuring precision and compliance in highly regulated environments. By establishing a precise station control network, employing 3D laser scanning, creating accurate 3D models, and offering comprehensive BIM support, Tantek 4D contributed to the success of this crucial renovation project in Cork, Ireland’s pharmaceutical sector.

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