3D Laser Scanning


Girona, Spain

Tantek 4D collaborated seamlessly with IPS Ireland on a critical geospatial surveying project, essential for the renovation of a Pharmaceutical Renovation in Girona, Spain

Our expertise in geospatial technology played a pivotal role in ensuring the success of this complex project.

Specific Services by Tantek 4D:

  • Station Control Network Establishment
  • 3D Laser Scanning for Verification of Design models 
  • Setting out Gridlines and Datums 


Our collaboration with IPS Ireland in Spain showcased the critical role of geospatial surveying in Data Center renovation projects. By establishing a precise station control network, setting out gridlines/datums and utilising 3D laser scanning for verification, Tantek 4D contributed to the project’s success, ensuring that the Pharmaceutical renovation proceeded smoothly and with confidence.

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