Digital Project Management

Project Planning & Control

Using 4D BIM for project planning and control allows us to give our client a real-time digital representation of the current state of the project which improves overall time predictability. Acquired real-time data can be used for trend based analytics which supports data-driven decision making.

Digital Claims Management

Delays are caused by events that extend the timing of previously planned project activities. 4D BIM helps to visualise multiple scenarios (as-built, as-planned, claim events). Used to analyse the specifics of delay claims in relation to cause and effect. 4D BIM helps to strengthen a party’s construction claim.

BIM Coordination

One of the most critical applications of BIM is the coordination of complex project systems. BIM Coordination requires integrated data communication and data sharing between all project stakeholders, resulting in a comprehensive collaborative approach. Moreover, on live BIM enabled projects, project team members can extract their required information from a single centralised information pool. Indeed, clinical coordination between all disciplines can enable the impact of changes to be fully analysed, resulting in works becoming more predictable.

4D Planning / BIM

The addition of a ‘fourth dimension’, time, to a 3D model is known as 4D BIM. 4D BIM employs a range of terminology, such as: 4D Planning and Scheduling, 4D Modelling, or 4D Simulation. On this basis, 4D BIM entails linking the construction programme of works to a 3D model, thus improving traditional construction planning techniques and the time predictability problem. Indeed, 4D BIM helps clients easily understand complex projects, which is generally difficult to accomplish using 2D drawings and bar-charts.

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