3D Digital Animation


London, UK

Tantek4D were awarded a contract to create a 3D Digital Animation to assist our client with removal of a tank from their facility.

The animation was used as a Health & Safety Introduction video that would be shown to all employees to explain changes to the facility carpark and walking routes during the project. By using a 3D animation our client was able to:

  • Improve confidence with company stakeholders by demonstrating project details including site layout, site logistics and traffic management through 3D visualisations.
  • Improve communication with delivery teams, project teams and employees on project details
  • Review logistic sequencing & phasing with their project team
  • Review logistic concerns and identify risks associated
  • Create safety inductions from animation content


Benefits of Using 3D Digital Animations Include:

  • Improves client confidence through 3D visualisations and animations of the project
  • Less interpretation reviewing a 3D animation versus traditional 2D documents
  • Improves communication between all stakeholders
  • Enables visualisation of proposed construction activities within the real environment
  • Allowing further development of animations into Site Inductions and Healthy & Safety Videos


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